Do Schools Kill Creativity?

Do Schools Kill Creativity?

I love this video, but then I would, I’ve been a performing arts educator for most of my adult life.  In that time I’ve seen first hand how children blossom in the arts.  How the shyest children will find their voice – or their grande jeté – given enough opportunity to try and fail and try and fail and try and succeed.  Not every child is destined for the West End (thank goodness), but every child has something to communicate about themselves.  Performing Arts classes are an ideal place for children to discover who they are and then learn how to tell the world about themselves.

There are proven links between drama and improved literacy and dance and improved maths skills, so why we aren’t giving our children a more holistic education is beyond me.  Thankfully, there are parents who understand the importance of “putting on a play” and what that can do for their child.  Thankfully, there are plenty more parents who just want to see their child happy and confident at the end of the day.  We are honoured each time you choose us to help you reach your goals for your child – especially when that goal is to help them see the funny side of life and have a laugh with new friends.

I don’t know if schools kill creativity, but I do know that until dance is timetabled alongside maths and given the same attention, Applause! Performing Arts will be here to fill in the gaps either in school or in the holidays.  Thanks for finding us. 

Over to you, Sir Ken…


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