Performing Arts Holiday Courses for Children

At Applause our courses are tailor made for children aged 4 – 12. All of our carefully selected teachers are also professional performers – experts in teaching your child how to shine in their own individual way. Each course ends with a performance for family and friends to share in the celebration of new found confidence and charisma.

Classes run from 10am – 4pm daily and each comprises of a special mix of dance, drama, singing and art. There is also the option of early/ late hours from 9am – 4.30pm.  No need to book this extra, just show up on the day with £10 per child.


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April 3rd -7th

Snow White

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April 3rd – 7th Snow White

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At Applause Performing Arts we specialise in high intensity learning with focussed fun. With over twenty years of combined experience, we have learned that children really do enjoy a challenge, as long as they are supported along the way.

By blending drama, dance and singing we expose children to a variety of skills that they take with them for the rest of their lives. We place a huge emphasis on being kind and making new friends. Applause children can confidently communicate their individual needs whist working within the group to create something they can be very proud of.

There’s no such thing as “can’t” at Applause. We teach trust in the process and that life is about gently pushing ourselves beyond our self imposed limitations. We absolutely delight in watching children succeed and surprise themselves. Perhaps that’s why they come back time and time again.

Because we keep our classes relatively small we are able to provide a bespoke service and take into account the personality of each child. Some children need an outlet for their already gregarious and creative natures, others require a little coaxing out of themselves and some need our help in making new friends and feeling confident. All children are welcome at Applause and will find what they need.

It may surprise you to know that we don’t use scripts at Applause. We write the play using the cast that we have. That way, we can be sure that children are given roles appropriate to their needs – sometimes a couple of lines is enough to take a child out of their comfort zone, sometimes a child needs a huge amount to do in order to feel satisfied.

Without a set script to work with, we have the fluidity to meet the children where they are and bring them on a bit. This freedom also allows our more confident members to write their own parts, make suggestions as the what scenes to use and self direct. This is something that the children find a great sense of achievement in.

Somehow, with all this hard work on the performance, we find time for plenty of breaks and down time. This is where art comes in. We use our afternoon art sessions as an opportunity for the children to relax, work at their own pace and express themselves in a quieter way. There are guidelines designed to inspire, but there is no competition or limitations here: all creations are valid.

We take our breaks out in a local park or playground (depending on the venue) where children get to run and play and have some time under the watchful eye of their guardians, but left to make up their own games and make free choices.

At Applause, children stay in a mixed group unless we want to do some more advanced choreography with the older children. We get very positive feedback from the children about this. The little ones get to see the progression and what they can aspire to be in the older ones. These are quite often the children that they don’t get to hang out with at school and they glow with joy at making friends across the age divide.

The older children thrive on the sense of responsibility and it’s a beautiful thing to see how much they care for and encourage the younger children. Siblings get to be together as much as possible, unless they don’t want to and we can facilitate that too.

If you have any questions please check out our FAQ page or email us if your question isn’t there.

We hope to see you soon.

Maharati and Pippa

Both my children have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in Applause over the years. They have had the most brilliant time learning new musicals/ plays as well as all the other fun activities that go on day to day. They especially love learning the songs and dances. I couldn’t recommend the Applause team high enough they bring such great atmosphere and energy to the whole experience!Miranda Almond, Mum & Senior Fashion Editor Harper's Bazaar